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MaNima Magnus

The MaNima Magnus is a professional LED controller with an industrial design intended for controlling digital LED installations in the architecture, recreation and entertainment industry.

The Magnus series currently consists of 6 LED interfaces, each with a different number of channels (universes). The Magnus can control multiple protocols at the same time, even up to 13312 channels (at 26 universes) depending on which Magnus interface is used. All universes can record while playing (WYSIWYG). The channels can be divided between 6 SPI outputs and 2 DMX outputs. If 26 universes are not enough, it is possible to connect an infinite number of MaNima Magnus interfaces and synchronize them together in a network, the only limitation being the network itself.

The MaNima Magnus is often used in:

  • At museums, theater and cinemas
  • Architectural / architectural lighting
  • For facade lighting and facade lighting
  • In public areas and places
  • In luxury homes (luxury housing)
  • In gyms, fitness clubs and wellness complexes
  • In clubs, discotheques and other catering establishments

Master-slave function
The MaNima Magnus has a master-slave function, which means that multiple MaNima interfaces can output synchronized LED data. With this function it is therefore possible to control large LED installations fully synchronized (in sync).

Additional functions
The Magnus is an LED interface with many additional functions such as digital and analog triggers, built-in effects, etc. etc. For example; for example, if a project requires a lighting controller, there is no longer a need for a separate lighting controller because the MaNima Magnus can take over this function. The MaNima Magnus can receive Art-Net through its Ethernet port. The MaNima Magnus can be used with an LED mapper: ELM, Madrix, MadMapper, Skandal's POET, Resolume, ArKaos, GrandMA, Pixxem, ONYX and many more.

Can be combined with: