Services and specializations

Not only for the development and manufacture of LED products, LED semi-finished products and custom LED solutions, but you can also contact the Zirqle Group for projects. Just like MaNima Technologies and Zirqle LED Solutions, LuxaLight is part of this organization. Thanks to the close cooperation within the Zirqle Group, we can offer a full range of services for the professional and business market. The Zirqle Group handles the complete supply chain; from advice, engineering, assembly, testing and certification, to packaging and delivery.

Our services and specializations include:

Sectors and applications
Our LED semi-finished products and LED end products are used in the most diverse applications in various sectors. Discover below for which applications we produce LED products/semi-finished products:

Industrial applications

  • Curing with UV (curing) and accelerated aging
  • Disinfection in the medical and industrial field
  • Machine vision applications such as inspection purposes, light imaging, barcode scanning and product scanning
  • Infrastructure, applications in traffic systems
  • Signaling such as sorting solutions and status indications

Research applications

  • Horticulture, both large-scale and small-scale research
  • Medical field for example dermatological scientific research

Applications in architecture

  • Public places
  • Cast-in surfaces, such as floors and walls in humid areas
  • Luxury residential building
  • Facade and entrance lighting of buildings

Creative lighting in the leisure sector

  • Interference at sound, image and video studios etc.
  • Wellness area such as underwater applications and heat management
  • Brand experience
  • Large and digital LED installations
  • Controlling multiple protocols

We also develop cloud solutions for all the above sectors, such as:

  • Remote control
  • Remote assistance
  • HMI
  • Real time data logging etc.

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