For LED installations in saunas, jacuzzis, swimming pools or swimming ponds where a standard LED fixture is not sufficient, due to extreme temperatures, high humidity or water resistance, we can engineer custom-made LED fixtures. With our software and hardware, LED wellness solutions can be easily integrated into existing home automation systems.


Waterproof LED fixtures
By applying fully custom-engineered waterproof LED fixtures, the required specifications can be met, such as IP68 and IK10, but also the desired color temperature or RGB colors. Because the fixtures are custom made, seamless integration into existing or new applications is possible.

In places that are difficult or inaccessible where material has to be removed for repair, it is recommended to perform the installation redundantly. Redundant means that a 'back-up' LED engine has been incorporated into the fixture.

LED moulding
By pouring in an LED engine/ fixture, both the IK and IP value of the LED engine/ fixture can be increased. With the right combination of housing and resin, the LED engine/ fixture can achieve IP68 and IK10 values simultaneously. This guarantees a long service life. For more information about LED casting click here.

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