Public areas

For architectural projects in the outdoor area where a standard LED fixtures are not sufficient, we can engineer custom-made LED fixtures in consultation with, for example, architects and designers. LED fixtures in public spaces must meet high requirements such as IK and IP values, UV resistance, color temperature (in relation to surrounding lighting), light pollution and heat management.



Real-time monitoring makes it possible to control the temperatures and electrical properties of the LED engine. Data and parameters can be read remotely, for example through the MaNima Cloud environment. In extreme weather conditions or vandalism, the system can act autonomously, without the intervention of a user to prevent calamities. By adding this utility to the system, operational reliability is significantly increased.

In the event of malfunctions and/ or calamities, the system ensures that a report is sent, for example, to the service engineer. The system transmits the technical parameters so that it can be read remotely where the fault is located and what the fault entails. This way the service technician knows what caused the malfunction.

LED moulding
By moulding in a LED engine, the IK and IP value of  the relevant LED engine is increased. With the right composition of housing and casting resin, a combination of IP68 and IK10 is feasible. For more information about LED moulding click here.

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