We can offer a custom-made solution for projects and assignments where a standard LED solution is not sufficient. Through the cooperation with its sister company MaNima Technologies, (both companies are part of the Zirqle Group), LuxaLight can convert ideas and complex issues into a high-end LED product. Whether it concerns the development of new LED hardware, customer-specific customization or software design MaNima Technologies can do it.

Research and development
Devising and designing innovative LED solutions for professional use is central to MaNima Technologies. By taking the time for research and development, MaNima Technologies can offer solutions for complex tasks.

Software engineering
The MaNima Technologies team is specialized in embedded software, interface applications (graphical user interfaces, GUI) and custom software. If you have a specific wish in the field of LED control, our engineers are your partner to come to a desired solution.

Hardware engineering
In order to better serve the business market a team of engineers is working on the development of LED hardware, equipped with unique and groundbreaking properties. These products are marketed under a private label and are available in our B2B webshop. Our private label products can be easily adapted if necessary by means of personalization and custom solutions.

Custom engineering
For LED orders that require a specific custom solution, we can supply customer-specific products in which the LED software and hardware are fully tailored to the wishes of the client. These products are available as OEM equipment, LED semi-finished products and LED end products.

All our products comply with strict EMC guidelines. We also supervise the process for CE and UL certifications.

More information 
Would you like to know more about the possibilities with software and hardware engineering? Our engineers will be happy to inform you about the possibilities, tel: 040 202 49 04. Or take a look at MaNima Technologies.