About LuxaLight

Expert in LED technology
LuxaLight is a specialized LED company, that focuses entirely on the professional user and the business market. Our engineers have the technical knowledge and expertise to always offer a suitable solution. As a company, LuxaLight carries out 4 main activities that together form the core of the company. In addition to these 4 core activities, LuxaLight is also a B2B portal. The main activities of LuxaLight consist of: 

  • Assembling customized LED products/ semi-finished products 
  • Casting of custom LED solutions 
  • Selecting, assembling and developing private label products under its own name
  • Develop and manufacture customer-specific products/LED semi-finished products

B2B webshop
Our B2B webshop is known for the high-quality LED products and the renowned brands that are offered in the shop. Brands such as LuxaLight, MaNima Technologies, Weipu, LEds-on and Mean Well. Service and personal advice are also central to us.

Private label
The innovations in LED technology are fast and the wishes of the professional market are constantly changing. LuxaLight continuously adapts its range to this market. The LuxaLight label was created to offer a solution for projects that have high and specific requirements using our own exclusieve LED products.

Zirqle Group
LuxaLight is part of a group of independent companies, namely the Zirqle Group. Our greatest strength lies in the mutual cooperation between these companies. This way we can always offer a complete service for every project. For more information about our organization click on the following link: Organization structure

The Zirqle Group supplies LED solutions for applications in the following sectors:

  • Industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Construction industry
  • Architecture
  • Automotive sector
  • Medical sector
  • Horticulture
  • Infrastructure
  • Signaling
  • Sports and recreation sector
  • Entertainment industry
  • Science and research