Industrial LED Solutions

The Building Blocks of an industrial LED solution

An Industrial LED-Solution consists of various building blocks that (autonomously) operate together. In order to fulfil the required specification, an LED-Engine also requires the proper hard-and software systems.

1. External Input

External inputs such as Ethernet (UDP), Industrial Network Protocols (INP), optimized digital contacts (pulse control), analog inputs can be used to control the functions and parameters of the MaNima System.

2. MaNima System        

The MaNima System regulates and monitors the LED Engines and Fixtures. The MaNima System is an open, intelligent system which enables the user to reach the maximum efficiency of their LED Engines, while keeping it’s durability.

Pulse modes are crucial for most Industrial LED applications. With the MaNima System users have free reign over all settings. Because of the open system, users are able to freely configure parameters such as: Duty cycle, Pulse length, PWM frequency, Strobing characteristics etc.. This freedom of configuration enables users to reach the optimal speeds and intensity for their specific application.

In addition to pulse modes, the MaNima System can also use real-time measurements of electrical (e.g. currents) and physical (e.g. temperature) parameters, to make sure LED Engines do not exceed their maximum operating temperatures.

In conclusion, users of the MaNima System are able to push their LED Technology to it’s maximum capabilities (radiation, PPFD and lightintensity) while being ensured of its excellent longevity and durability.

3. MaNima Cloud

The MaNima Cloud environment enables users remote insight in their MaNima Systems. Users are also able to configure their systems from remote locations, as long as it is connected to the internet.

The MaNima Cloud also provides access to datalogging of measured parameters by the MaNima Pollux Industry and cloud backups.

4. LED-Engine

LuxaLight is able to manufacture LED-Engines that can seamlessly be integrated into industrial systems. With our expertise and personal advice, we can design and assemble parts that fit the technical specifications that are required for a wide range of applications.

LED Fixtures can be made in any shape, size, material, wavelength, LED amount and output radiance/lux requirement. This also includes waterproofness (IP), Impact resistance (IK), mounting options and any other mechanical requirements, depending on the (extreme) environment.

LED Fixtures will always be a custom product due to the complexity of industrial projects and systems. Because of this fact, we designed modular LED Fixtures that consist of standard parts that can be assembled for any industrial application, resulting in an economically feasible yet high performance LED Fixture.

For more information about our Industrial LED Fixtures visit: LuxaLight Industrial LED Fixtures infopage | LuxaLight.

LED BAR Industrial Full spectrum LED Fixture


With our in-house expertise ranging from hard- and software engineering to LED assembly we are able to design economical LED solutions for the Industrial market. With the MaNima System and LuxaLight LED assembly we can cover every subject from Input signal (INP) to the Illuminated surface.