Industrial LED Solutions

The Building Blocks of an industrial LED solution

An Industrial LED-Solution consists of various building blocks that (autonomously) operate together. In order to fulfil the required specification, an LED-Engine also requires the proper hard-and software systems.

1. External Input

External inputs such as Industrial Network Protocols, digital contacts, analog inputs are used to control the functions and parameters of the MaNima System.

2. MaNima System        

The MaNima System regulates and monitors the LED Engine(s). The MaNima System is a highly configurable system which enables the LED Engines to live up to its maximum capabilities and sustainability.

The software configuration of the MaNima System is adaptable to all existing hard-and software systems that use standard Industrial Network Protocols or analog/digital signals. This makes system integration a smooth process.

Exposure time, PWM frequency, FPS, Strobing, current, voltage etc. are configurable with INPs, or other external inputs.

Applying real-time measurements of electrical (e.g. currents) and physical (e.g. temperature) parameters, an LED solution is economically sustainable.  

3. MaNima Cloud

The MaNima Cloud environment enables remote insight of MaNima Systems. Users are also able to configure their systems from remote locations.

4. LED-Engine

LuxaLight is able to manufacture LED-Engines that can seamlessly be integrated into industrial systems. With our expertise and personal advice, we can design or assemble parts that fit the technical specifications that are required for a wide range of applications.

An LED-Engine consists of an assembly of various products that can be used in a modular fashion. Enclosures, LED PCBs, connectors, cables, finishing (e.g. moulding) etc.. are selected according to the application (curing, machine vision, horticulture etc..).

Where our standard products do not meet the specifications, we can design economical custom LED solutions.


With our in-house expertise ranging from hard- and software engineering to LED assembly we are able to design economical LED solutions for the Industrial market. With the MaNima System and LuxaLight LED assembly we can cover every subject from Input signal (INP) to the Illuminated surface.