LED semi-finished products

The Zirqle Group specializes in the design, production and assembly of LED products/ semi-finished products. We work with end products, semi-finished products and complete LED installations. In addition to our standard products/ semi-finished products, we also supply custom-made products on request. We are able to develop, produce and assemble precisely those LED products/ semi-finished products that require exceptional specifications. With our team of engineers, we can in principle manufacture any desired LED product/ semi-finished product.

The Zirqle Group mainly provides;
- production on customer order
- assembly and design of prototypes and samples
- assembly and design of LED semi-finished products for (large) installations in phases
- production of single pieces/small series to customer specifications

Single pieces and small series production
Usually, offering an LED solution involves customization. Often a single product/ semi-finished product as LED solution is sufficient. But sometimes a small series of the same products has to be developed and produced (small series production). The Zirqle Group specializes in supplying single pieces, small-scale manufacturing to medium-sized runs (batch). Is there a series that must be delivered periodically (serial production)? That's no problem either!

The image below shows an example of a semi-finished product designed by LuxaLight.

Customer specific LED products
If existing products do not meet the requested specifications, we can develop LED products. These products are made specifically for you, designed and engineered in-house. So your own customized LED product! With product development at customer level, the products are provided with custom software and hardware and meet all requirements.

OEM equipment/ white labeling 
Products/semi-finished products can be supplied completely unbranded (OEM/white labelling). When developing and producing OEM products, we always take into account the product specifications, with integration into the product line or business system. MaNima Technologies is responsible for supplying software modules as OEM version. OEM software is fully customizable.

After completion of the assembly, LuxaLight always carries out various tests and an optical inspection, so that a high quality standard can be guaranteed for each product or product series.

Luxalight ensures that all LED products/ semi-finished products receive the correct certifications. Arranging EMC measurements and supervising the process for CE and UL certifications is done by us. All our products therefore comply with the EMC guidelines, CE and UL certifications.