Warranty policy

This document describes the warranty conditions of LuxaLight B.V. This policy is valid for all LED products and services provided by LuxaLight BV. These warranty terms and the terms and conditions are in force together and must be read together, including any other service or sales contracts. Unless otherwise specified, terms and expressions used in the terms and conditions will apply to this warranty policy. In the event of a conflict between the general terms and conditions and these warranty conditions with regard to products and services, the conditions of these warranty conditions apply. For the purposes of these warranty terms, defects or defects mean that a product has a material or construction defect that prevents the product from working properly.

1.As described in the general terms and conditions, the buyer receives the warranty for the products of LuxaLight B.V.
2. The legal guarantee applies to all our products
3. The warranty period starts on the invoice date.
4. These warranty conditions are only valid when the products have been installed and applied correctly. Products damaged by the buyer's fault are not covered by the warranty.
5. At the request of an "extended warranty" or "custom project warranty" can be agreed after the evaluation of the application conditions of the lighting.
6. The buyer cannot rely on any other information or documentation.

Additional terms
1. The proof of purchase of the products must be made available to LuxaLight B.V. if requested.
2. The products have been installed properly and are being used according to the instructions.
3. An employee of LuxaLight B.V. has access to the defective products and has the right to test them for the indicated defect.
4. Labor costs for assembling and disassembling the products are not covered by the warranty.

Defect within warranty
1. If a product from Luxalight B.V. does not function in accordance with this warranty, Luxalight B.V. replaced free of charge.

Terms and Conditions
1. The warranty offered by Luxalight B.V. only applies to the buyer. If the buyer returns a product to LuxaLight B.V. covered by this warranty in accordance with Article 3, LuxaLight B.V. inspect them to verify the claim. If the product is under warranty and fails to operate under the specified specifications, LuxaLight B.V. at its option replace the product or repair the product.
2. If LuxaLigjt BV chooses to replace the product, but this is impossible because the product is no longer made or is not available, LuxaLight B.V. refund the purchase amount or offer a comparable product.
3. No representative, distributor or other third party is authorized to act on behalf of LuxaLight B.V. to change the warranty conditions.
4. This warranty is only valid if the product has been correctly wired, installed and operated within the given electrical values, operating limits and environmental conditions as indicated in the product specifications. If a product shows a defect or defects, the customer must notify LuxaLight B.V. in writing. to indicate which defects the product has.
5. The offered warranty does not apply to damage or non-performance due to force majeure and/ or misuse that is contrary to applicable standards, regulations and instructions for use.
6. This guarantee is null and void if without written permission from LuxaLight B.V. repairs and/ or changes to the product are carried out by another party such as LuxaLight B.V. The manufacturing date of the product must be clearly legible for LuxaLight B.V. and LuxaLight B.V. reserves the right to make decisions regarding the validity of the warranty claim.

Warranty claims
1. Unless otherwise confirmed by LuxaLight B.V, the warranty period starts on the invoice date for the product in question, if the delivery is phased, the warranty period starts on the invoice date.
2. LuxaLight B.V. has no obligations under these warranty conditions if the customer fails to meet his payment relief as reported under the General Terms and Conditions.
3. The purchaser can exercise his right under the warranty provided that LuxaLight informs LuxaLight immediately in writing of any claim of a defect or defects, before the expiry of the warranty period for the relevant product. Furthermore, the Buyer's obligations under these warranty conditions are subject to the following:
4. The buyer must make the invoice for the product available for inspection to LuxaLight B.V.
5. Under these warranty conditions, the buyer must notify LuxaLight B.V. in writing of any defects or shortcomings immediately and no later than 30 days. In addition, an appropriate registration of the company history of the product must be made available. This information contains at least:

  • Name and/ or type number of the product concerned
  • Details of the defect
  • The invoice date and if executed by LuxaLight B.V. also the installation date
  • Details about the application, location and actual burning hours.
  • The buyer makes it the employee of LuxaLight B.V. possible on-site access to which the purchaser invokes this warranty policy, and ship the product that is allegedly defective to LuxaLight B.V. for analysis.
  • The buyer grants LuxaLight B.V. permission to perform any tests to determine the defect
  • Any legal action relating to the warranty claim must be filed within one (1) year after the first warranty claim.
  • Any claim not reported or filed in accordance with the above period is of zero value.

6. The warranty obligations of LuxaLight B.V. are at the discretion of LuxaLight B.V., limited to repairing a defective product or providing a replacement product within a reasonable time, or to offer an appropriate credit for the purchase price. Repairs, replacements, or repairs of a defective product do not extend or renew the applicable warranty period. LuxaLight B.V. reserves the right, at its option, to replace a Defective product under warranty with a product that has minimal deviations in design and / or minimal deviations in product specifications that the functionality of the product is not affected.
7. Buyer bears all costs of access to and efforts for repair under the warranty provided by LuxaLight B.V. are performed, including the (dis) assembly and / or (de) installation, removal and replacement of systems, constructions or other parts of the buyer's installation and the cleaning and reinstallation of the products by LuxaLight B.V.

No implied or other warranties
1. The warranty and remedies mentioned in these warranty conditions are the only warranties that LuxaLight makes with respect to its products, and are provided in lieu of all other warranties, either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, which warranties are hereby rejected.
2. These conditions state the full liability and obligations of LuxaLight B.V. towards the buyer.

Limitations and Conditions
1. Luxalight B.V. has no obligations under these warranty conditions if it appears that an alleged defect has occurred due to the following:

  • Any form of force majeure or natural violence as stated in the general terms and conditions.
  • Conditions of electrical supply, including surges, under / overvoltages and ripple currents on control systems that exceed the specified limits of the products and which are established by any relevant power standards.
  • Incorrect wiring, installation or maintenance that has not been performed by or for LuxaLight B.V.
  • Failure to comply with instructions or guidelines prescribed by LuxaLight B.V. for installation, operation, application, maintenance or the environment or to any accompanying document stating the applicable safety, industry and/ or electricity standards or regulations.
  • Not using the products for which purposes they are designed.
  • Exposure to corrosive conditions, excessive wear, lightning, neglect, negligence, accident, misuse, abuse, injudicious or abnormal use of the products;
  • Any attempt to repair, change or change that has not been discussed and approved in writing by LuxaLight B.V.