Industrial LED solutions for both large-scale vertical greenhouses or Controlled Environment Agriculture CEA (production) and small-scale (research) horticulture. All our LED solutions for horticulture have a high system reliability such as accurate wavelengths, operational reliability and high powers. With the help of our engineers it is possible to integrate our in-house developed hardware and software into (existing) systems/ machines.


LED engines
Our range includes standard LED engines and semi-finished products. If these do not meet the required specifications, it is possible to engineer a customized LED solution (complete LED engine or semi-finished product).

The wavelengths of applications that are processed in horticulture must be accurately determined. These wavelengths are often defined and selected based on research. A LED chip with a specific wavelength can be processed in a custom-made LED engine.

The PPF (μmol/s) and especially PPFD (μmol/s/m²) are important specifications for selecting an armature. The PFF and PPFD are stated in the specifications of our LED Engines and Luminaires that are suitable for use in horticulture.

Different types of housings can be used, this can be a standard housing, extrusion, mounting plate, frame or a custom-made solution. The type of housing is determined on the basis of the LED application, this applies to both existing and new situations.

The MaNima Pollux Industry can control a wide range of LED engines using industrial protocols. The MaNima Pollux Industry is a LED driver that is extremely suitable for linking LED systems to existing systems. For more information see the datasheet of the MaNima Pollux Industry.

Casting LED engines
In order to meet the technical requirements of the LED application, sometimes a choice has to be made for casting the housing. The casting is done with a casting resin suitable for the application. The composition of the casting resin is determined by the application. Click here for more information about LED moulding.

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