Silicone LED Extrusions

Silicone extrusions are usually used as an application specific product or on a project basis. There are therefore countless possibilities in assembling silicone LED extrusions. In consultation we can compose the silicone extrusion that meets the specifications and requirements of the project or application. Examples of technical specifications that can be incorporated into the LED extrusion by LuxaLight's engineers:

  • Cable type and length
  • Cable output/ input position
  • LED lumen output
  • LED type
  • Bending direction
  • Opening angle
  • Dimensions/ shape silicone extrusions
  • Color silicone extrusions


LuxaLight silicone LED extrusion round
LuxaLight silicone LED extrusion square

By request
Our LED extrusions are only assembled, custom-made and produced on request. Prices are on request and depend on the order size.

Monitoring system
For projects involving a large capacity or where extreme weather conditions occur (e.g. high temperature differences), we recommend installing a monitoring system. This monitoring system guarantees the life of the installation.