IK Classification

IK classification, or Ik value, is an indication that is used in the LED technology and indicates the degree of protection against mechanical impact, the impact resistance. Not every classification is therefore suitable for every situation and /or application. How impact resistant a LED housing must be, depends on the application. It can even affect the life of the light source and/ or the housing.

IK values ​​are indicated on a scale from 0 to 10. The higher the numbers, the greater the impact resistance. The overview below shows each value and which requirements the product meets to achieve this IK value.


IK classification

Impact resistance fixture/ housing
IK 00 no resistance
IK 01 0.15 J shock resistance
IK 02

0.2 J shock resistance (standard open fixture/housing, standard impact resistance )

IK 03

shock resistance of 0.35 J (closed fixture/housing with polymethacrylate shield)

IK 04 0.5 J shock resistance
IK 05

0.7 J shock resistance (open fixture/housing with reinforced optics)

IK 06 1 J shock resistance
IK 07 2 J shock resistance (reinforced)
IK 08 5 J shock resistance (closed fixture/ housing with polycarbonate or glass cover, vandal-proof)
IK 09 10 J shock resistance
IK 10

20 J shock resistance (vandal resistant closed fixture/ housing, in accordance with SGK quality mark )


IK values ​​are included in the European standard EN 62262. The standard concerns an international numerical classification. The SGK quality mark exists for vandal resistance. Not all light brands use this quality mark for LED housings, so the IK 10 classification is often used to indicate vandal resistance.