Organization structure

Zirqle Group
The Zirqle Group comprises a few small independent companies. MaNima Technologies, LuxaLight and Zirqle LED Solutions are part of this. Each of these companies has their own specialization in the field of LED. The symbiosis of the companies within the Zirqle Group is the basis of the success of the projects carried out by us.


Zirqle LED Solutions, is a LED specialized company responsible for the project management of the LED assignments. Each project is assigned a permanent contact person and is supervised entirely in-house from the initial phase to completion. 

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LuxaLight, not just a B2B webshop that supplies high-end LED products and components to the professional user under its own name. But in the LED technical field it also offers solutions for the assembly of LED semi-finished products, LED end products and customer-specific LED products and the casting of LED applications.



MaNima Technologies, custom LED hardware and software engineering. The MaNima team has developed its own exclusive product line for the business market. MaNima can adapt its own products through custom solutions and personalization. The engineering of customer-specific custom products, fully tailored to the wishes of the client, is also part of their field.


Private Labels

The LED industry is a rapidly changing market, which means there is a constantly fluctuating demand for LED products and custom LED solutions. The business market in particular often has to deal with issues that require out of the box solutions and high end products. In order to better meet this demand, the Zirqle Group has created two private labels. Our private labels:

  • LuxaLight, the brand name for high-quality LED components and products with unique and first-class specifications. All LuxaLight products are intended for the professional user. Available in our B2B webshop.
  • MaNima, our own line of innovative LED products with unique specifications. Launched to solve complex issues. The MaNima products are exclusively available in our B2B webshop LuxaLight.