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Master-slave function

With a master-slave function, one MaNima interface (MaNima Magnus or MaNima Ignis) can be set as master. The master interface can control a large number of slaves.

WYSIWYG principle
Setting up a master-slave connection makes it possible to record one scene over multiple MaNima interfaces simultaneously without delay. The master-slave function is perfect to use in a LED installation where synchronized LED control is very important. Based on the WYSIWYG principle, the scenes are simultaneously recorded by the MaNima interfaces. With built-in synchronization, each slave will start a scene or stop at the same time as the master. This will prevent distorted images.

MaNima Configurator
The master slave function is easily set up via the MaNima configurator by placing the interfaces in the same group via the "Group" tab. If the interfaces have the same group number, they will simultaneously respond to the record and play actions. The only requirement is that the 2 interfaces are connected in the same Ethernet network.


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