Product description

An industrial PWM and LED monitoring module. The MaNima Pollux is an industrial PWM and LED monitoring module made for the professional market. The MaNima Pollux is a versatile device which can fulfil many different tasks. The MaNima Pollux has been designed to be reliable, stable and fail-safe. In order to function.


The MaNima Pollux can be connected to sensors. There are a total of 8 sensor inputs available on the MaNima Pollux. The sensor data can be used, for example, to create dimming curves in the MaNima configurator. The operator can fully adapt the MaNima Pollux to the respective installation and requirements. Self-monitoring is also available on the MaNima Pollux with its On-Board temperature sensor.


There are 8 PWM outputs available on the MaNima Pollux. These can be used to control analogue LEDs. There are 2 individual sides of PWM outputs on the Pollux, these are DC1 and DC2. Both require a separate power source.

Redundant setup

When the Pollux is used in an installation in which there should be no disturbances and outages, there is the option of providing the MaNima Pollux with a second power source to improve system reliability.

Compatible with:

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  • 8 PWM outputs (340Hz)
  • 8 NTC/LDR inputs
  • On-Board temperature measurements
  • 2 digital inputs
  • 4 digital outputs
  • Ethernet switch
  • Updating with Ethernet

Technical specifications

Operating temperature
-20 ~ +50 °
IP class
IP 20
5 years
RoHS 2002/95/EC Compliant
CE Marking
MaNima Technologies
DIN rail
360 gram
Input Voltage
12-48 V
Output current per channel
5.00 A
90x159x58 mm

MaNima Pollux Module

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Branches in which we are active

  • Horticulture
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Pro's and Cons

Redundant (fail-safe)
Sensor inputs
8 PWM outputs