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LED-mappers via Art-Net

Art-Net is used by the Manima interface to control LEDs. LED-mappers use the Art-net communication protocol to send data to LED controllers.

LED mapper is a broad term that is used for the programs that allow the user to create LED patches and control LEDs.

The LED-mapper must have an ethernet or wifi connection to communicate with the interface. Any LED-mapper that Art-Net can dispatch can connect to a Manima interface.

To control the LEDs via the Manima interface, the instructions of the selected LED mapper must be followed. Adding universes to the mapping tab in the manima configurator ensures that the manima interface can be found by a LEd mapper. In the next refresh / scan the LED mapper should see these universes.

The graphical user interfaces (GUI) also include the Manima configurator. This configurator allows the user to configure the Manima interface from a computer.

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