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Multiple Protocols through one Interface

A client of MaNima Technologies B.V. asked our engineers if it is possible to design and install an installation in which there are 4 different SPI-protocols and 1 DMX-512 protocol. In addition, the entire LED-installation should be easy to control. When completed, the installation consists of several thousand RGB-LEDs over four protocols all controlled by one MaNima Digital LED Interface which is controlled by one HMI-touchscreen. The four protocols consist of WS2812, TM1914, APA102 and  SK6812.

Why the MaNima Digital LED Interface?
With the MaNima Digital LED Interface it is possible to use one Interface for multiple LEDs that use different protocols. The Interface has 6 fully customizable ports used to send data to the individual LEDs in the installation. Meaning that if there are 6 different LEDs in the installation, there is no need for a second Interface. It is also possible to add up to 2 full DMX-512 universes to the installation on the same Interface due to 2 included DMX ports. The MaNima Digital LED Interface is able to control up to 26 universes, more than enough for this  required installation. More information and all available protocols can be found in the manual or datasheet.

Why the MaNima HMI-touchscreen?
The HMI-touchscreen is a small screen that can be used to operate the MaNima Digital LED Interface. The HMI-touchscreen is Linux-based, meaning that the system runs very stable and won’t need any maintenance. The screen is connected with a LAN cable to the interface. The HMI-touchscreen is configured to control the Interface. Recording and selecting multiple scenes is possible with this interface. The LEDs can also be dimmed, or accelerated with a slider. The Manima technologies team can even set up a fully customized touchscreen with all the desired functions built in. Refer to the manual for a full description of the HMI-touchscreen. 

Used components: