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LED pixel wall in sauna

Is it possible to use a LED pixel screen behind a salt stone wall in a 90 degree sauna?

High-efficiency LED
Some important points to take into account in sauna applications are of course the heat development of the LED and the high humidity. To keep the heat development as low as possible, high-efficiency LED pixels have been used, which generate significantly less heat than regular LEDs. Due to the high humidity in the sauna, the LED pixels used have a high IP value (IP68). The level of the digital LEDs has been adjusted / adjusted by our engineers to take into account the high temperatures in the sauna complex.

Stand alone control
The salt stone wall consists of hundreds of LED pixels. All these pixels are controlled stand-alone without using a live PC. The Manima Magnus 14 controls all these LED pixels and LED lines in master-slave function.

The entire system is easy to configure with the easy to use GUI (graphical user interface). The graphical user environment has been developed by Manima Technologies to give the end user the freedom to adjust and change settings himself.

Plug and play
The entire LED pixel walls, including drivers and interfaces, are delivered completely prefabricated and plug and play, so that the technical service of the sauna complex can easily place and install all LED products and LED semi-finished products.

 Components used: