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Smart industry/ Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 (Smart Industry) is the name of the 4th technology era. It focuses on improving processes such as automation and connectivity.

M2M and IoT
In Industry 4.0, machine-to-machine communication (M2M) and the (industrial) Internet of Things (IoT/ IIoT) are increasing automation and improving communication between machines.

Smart machines
Smart machines are increasingly used in industry. They are machines that can analyze and diagnose problems themselves. These machines receive and process the information they receive from sensors (which can monitor each process). Based on the information received, the smart machine determines which action must be carried out.

MaNima Technologies and Industry 4.0
MaNima develops smart products and in this way can offer solutions for improving communication or increasing automation in manufacturing and industrial applications. Smart products such as the MaNima interface can be integrated into business systems. To ensure good compatibility between the interface and the operating system, our engineers write UDP commands or custom API's.

Custom Software
A custom software solution is created for every issue. Sometimes creating software solutions alone is not enough and the hardware of the MaNima interfaces also needs to be adjusted (adapted MaNima interfaces). MaNima also develops and supplies complete custom made products or parts. These products are fully personalized and meet the requirements of the client.

Zirqle and industry 4.0
Zirqle LED solutions takes care of the project management. For larger projects or complicated issues, Zirqle ensures that the entire process is managed in the right direction.

Luxalight and Industry 4.0
Can supply parts or complete products with the private label brand name LuxaLight that are suitable for industry 4.0. LuxaLight BV can also supply suitable smart solutions, in semi-finished products or complete products, in collaboration with MaNima Technologies.

All LED solutions offered by MaNima Technologies, LuxaLight and Zirqle can be supplied as an OEM equipment


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