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Custom made API's

Everything and everyone in the world is increasingly interconnected. How is this possible? How is data transferred from one place to another? How can different devices and programs communicate with each other? This can be done through an API.

An API (Application Programming Interface) enables communication and information exchange between different (software) systems. For Manima equipment this means that they can be programmed with an adapted API. The API can be fully custom made to the requirements of the application and associated wishes.
All interactions between applications, data and devices are handled by API's. The transfer from system to system is made possible by them. API's provide standardized access to any application data or devices.

A small part of the code from the program is used by the API. The system can make specific requests to Manima devices with this code. The APi's translate the external questions into code that the application can use. The API then sends the answer to the question back to your system.

For example:
A machine goes through different stages. When digital LED lighting is placed in the same machine and it is connected to one of the Manima Technologies interfaces, this LED lighting can be controlled. Communication between the Manima interface and the machine system can be done by means of adapted API's.

The Manima interface is informed by the machine that it will change phase. After receiving this information, the interface will adjust the color of the LED lighting when the phase changes. This custom API allows the Manima interface to receive a message from the machine system. In this way, the Manima interface can in turn control the LED lighting according to the specified information from the machine system.

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