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Adjusted MaNima interfaces

Adjustments to our private label interfaces. When a MaNima interface does not meet the requirements, we can adapt and custom these products.

When customizing, the “existing” product is adapted with new soft- or hardware. The possibilities in software engineering are extremely diverse and often very specific. That is why our specialists have developed a customizable interface.

System integration
The MaNima interface is always the basic part of the available options and adjustments that we can realize. The interface essentially acts as a platform on which we can build on. Integration of this interface into an existing system can be achieved by writing a piece of new software. This makes the MaNima interface compatible with all kinds of platforms that can communicate with API's, UDP commands, Art-Net and Ethernet. By making adjustments to the MaNima interface, it can be fully integrated into any system.

The MaNima interface can read sensor outputs, making it possible to set trigger actions when certain values ​​are met. In addition, the MaNima interface can also measure input voltages from sensors and use them as triggers. For example, these measurements can be sent to a central computer by means of custom APIs.

Hardware extensions
Expanding hardware is a way to easily add more options to the MaNima interface. The total number of 6 SPI ports present on the MaNima Magnus and the MaNima Iginis interface can be increased by adding hardware extensions. Depending on what is needed, the option is also offered to add other extensions such as a Wi-Fi extension. This extension makes the MaNima interface accessible via Wi-Fi.

Modular software
By applying modular software, the MaNima interface can be completely customized to customer needs. Modular software is a way of combining pieces of software so that an entire system can be built. The MaNima interface uses universal hardware so that modular software can be used to build quickly and efficiently on the existing platform. This offers economic benefits such as shorter delivery times and faster product development and more efficient customization of LED products.


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