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UDP commands

UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is a protocol used by programs to transfer data to other hosts in an IP network.

Fast communication via UDP protocol
Thus, using UDP commands is a balanced solution for communication between two devices. When UDP is used, data can be sent to the other hosts without first setting up special transmission channels or data paths. This ensures fast communication, making UDP an excellent protocol to use in industrial and architectural applications.

Custom made trigger systems
Via UDP commands, for example, data can be sent to other machines in the network with our own in-house developed MaNima interface. This offers the possibility of tailor-made trigger systems. Our software engineers are able to create customer-specific codes that can retrieve UDP commands from the machines and / or computers. This software is embedded in the MaNima interface, this way you will not experience problems with complex hardware.

MaNima interface
For communication between machine and digital addressable LEDs via UDP commands, the MaNima interface is the only product required. Unnecessary expenditure for additional components is thus saved. The MaNima interface is also an excellent solution for communication purposes with cloud data. The MaNima interface is able to retrieve data via the UDP protocol and thus perform actions directly from the cloud.