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Private label products

The companies MaNima Technologies and LuxaLight have both chosen to launch their own label of high-quality products on the LED market.

To better meet the demand of the LED market, the MaNima Technologies team has developed a series of exclusive products. For example, MaNima has launched the Magnus series and the Ignis series. These products are for sale via the online business webshop (www.luxalight.eu). In the future, new products will come onto the market and the existing series will be expanded.

Building blocks
The MaNima products can be configured as desired via the MaNima configurator using various building blocks. When no custom solution is required, these in-house designed products are an excellent solution. Specific customization or adjustments for these products and LED installations is also possible. For more information read the next blog: Adjusted MaNima interfaces.

Long life
The LuxaLight own brand includes products such as long life LED strips and various drivers / controllers. All LuxaLight LED strips are equipped with first-class specifications that normal LED strips and many strips from other brands do not have. The LuxaLight drivers have been specially developed to keep voltage drops under control. The LuxaLight drivers offer custom options by using their own software, for example connecting a light sensor. In many cases, customer-specific custom applications also require adjustments to the hardware.

Are you looking for a product for your project and it is not listed, please contact us and ask about the possibilities.


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