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MaNima Ignis

The vast majority of digital LED controllers on the market do not have sufficient stability and processing power for industrial applications. In addition, these digital LED controllers are often not adaptable to the high requirements of projects.

Stability and processing power
The MaNima Ignis, on the other hand, is specially designed for the industrial market. It is a digital LED interface that has a lot of computing power, is stable and adaptable. The MaNima Ignis has a powerful 400mhz processor for processing large amounts of data.

Control individual LEDs
The Ignis makes it possible to define and activate individual LEDs with UDP commands and digital and analog inputs. LEDs can be configured without the use of external software. Programmers can send pre-made UDP commands to the MaNima Ignis to activate individual LEDs using only UDP commands.

System integration
The MaNima Ignis can be integrated into almost any system. This is possible because the Ignis can communicate with a large number of Industrial Network Protocols such as Ethernet/ IP and MODBUS. Communication can also take place via digital and analog inputs. It is even possible to create a custom api for the Ignis so that it can communicate with your system.

The computer must be connected to the MaNima interface so that configuration can take place without the need for external software. The MaNima Ignis can be configured as desired.

Customization options
This interface can also be provided with custom options. Both software and hardware moderate.

The MaNima Ignis is often used in the following mainly industrial applications;

  • industrial machines
  • sorting machines
  • indication lighting
  • warehouses and production areas
  • infrastructure, for example at crosswalks or at tram doors.

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