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Industrial network protocols

Industrial network protocols are protocols such as: Ethernet / IP, PROFINET, MODBUS, Profibus etc, etc. Most automated systems use these protocols.

The MaNima Ignis can communicate with almost any industrial network protocol. This makes the MaNima Ignis the ideal and simple solution for engineers who do not want to convert their protocol multiple times to drive digital and analog LEDs.

Convert from Ethernet / IP to SPI
A common problem is converting Ethernet / IP to an SPI signal for digital LEDs. The MaNima Ignis can convert Ethernet/ IP data directly to an SPI signal that is used by digital LEDs. An example of this is converting Ethernet/ IP to WS2812.

MaNima Pollux
To convert INP to a PWM signal, a MaNima Pollux is needed. The MaNima Pollux is a module that can be used, among other things, for controlling PWM-controlled LEDs by means of monitored PWM outputs.

High data processing
The MaNima Ignis is an interface with a fast processor (400Mhz), which is used for LED installations that must be able to handle a high level of data processing. By using the MaNima Ignis as the gateway to the MaNima Network, this data can be distributed over the network to individual MaNima interfaces or modules. With a traditional system (such as a PLC) this is not possible due to the process speeds that are much slower.

System integration
For seamless system integration, our engineers can create a custom API for the MaNima Ignis using the desired INP.


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