Professional LED systems in the machine building industry

The Zirqle Group can supply industrial LED systems for machine building industry.

The machine industry
Within this industry there are not only machine factories that produce machines, but also tools and production equipment for the construction sector and agriculture. Large machines and equipment are manufactured and maintained in the machine industry for mining and offshore.

Industrial LED lines in the machine industry
All industrial (digital) LED lines within the machine industry require an extremely robust housing and must be vibration and shock resistant (IK value). It is often important that these LED lines have a high IP value and are resistant to chemicals and oil, for example. By casting the LED line, LuxaLight (part of the Zirqle Group) can produce an industrial LED support structure (fixture) that meets all requirements. The entire industrial LED installation must also comply with the set EMC directive, CE and roHs.

LED control in the machine industry
MaNima Technologies (part of the Zirqle Group) has developed the MaNima Ignis for controlling LED applications and LED lines in the machine building industry. The MaNima Ignis is an industrial LED ethernet controller that can be used in the machine industry, where a PLC (programmable logic controller) does not meet the requirements. The Ignis is suitable for most communication protocols (INP) such as Profibus, Profinet, Modbus etc. The MaNima Ignis can control individual LEDs through digital and analog contacts and / or using UDP commands. A custom API can also be used for communication with the business system.

LED User interfaces for machine building
The Manima Ignis acts as a user interface for industrial machines. MaNima Technologies can adapt the Ignis with modular software or with custom software. This software can be aimed at control, alarms, signaling and making data visible to the operator.