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Convert ArtNet to SPI

With the MaNima Magnus it is possible to convert ArtNet or aSCN to more than 50 SPI protocols. By means of live ArtNet / aSCN, the MaNima Magnus can send live SPI data to digital LEDs. This is possible up to 26 universes. Depending on the number of pixels, it is possible to achieve an FPS of 100.

SPI LED controller
The SPI data that is outputted can be recorded using the WYSIWYG principle. The recorded data has the same quality and specifications as the data sent live. Recording is possible up to 26 universes.

Master-slave setup
Multiple MaNima Interfaces can be connected to each other by means of a master-slave setup. In this way it is possible to operate large LED installations, which therefore have a perfect synchronization with each other.

To convert
To convert ArtNet/ aSCN to an SPI signal, the interface must be connected to a PC equipped with an LED mapper. The connection takes place via Ethernet. By assigning universes to the ports on the interface and selecting an SPI protocol with the MaNima configurator, it is possible to control the MaNima Magnus with an LED mapper. When starting a recording, the MaNima Magnus records the scene. This scene can be replayed at any time.

More information about the MaNima Magnus can be found in the manual.

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