Adressable LED controller for the Industry

The MaNima Ignis is a professional LED Ethernet controller for the industry that has more than 50 SPI protocols.

This industrial interface makes it possible to program and configure addressable LEDs without external software. This is possible, among other things, with the built-in "segment" function. This makes it possible to assign an effect to groups of LEDs. The groups can then be activated by means of a 0-10V analog / digital signal, UDP command or by means of Industrial Network Protocols (INP).

The MaNima Ignis is an ideal workaround for systems where a PLC, Microcontroller or conventional digital controller does not meet the specifications.

If you want to use ArtNet for your system, it is possible to use the MaNima Magnus to record effects using the WYSIWYG principle with external software and activate them with 0-10V analog / digital signal, INP or UDP commands. However, the MaNima Magnus does not have a segment function like the MaNima Ignis. The MaNima Magnus is primarily used as a ArtNet LED player/recorder. 


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