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The segment feature in the MaNima configurator makes it possible to create segments of LEDs. These segments can then be given an effect, for example, a rainbow effect, snake effect or a static colour effect. It is also possible to have some segments receive Art-Net.

The main purpose of using segments is that the individual segments can be triggered using digital or analog triggers. And with the use of UDP commands, one can create commands that trigger a particular segment ID to activate. The relevant segment then plays its effect. An example where this can be used is in a sorting center. If one has an item with a barcode, and scans the barcode, the scanner transmits its data to a database. The database transmits this data to the MaNima interface with a UDP command. The MaNima interface will then activate the segment. Visual observation shows the employee where the product must be sorted.

It is also possible to activate the segments with the use of sensors. Movement sensors can be used to trigger digital inputs. When the digital triggers are activated, certain segments can be activated. Segments are fully customizable by the user. With the MaNima configurator it is possible to make any combination.