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MaNima Pollux module

An industrial module suitable for PWM and LED monitoring developed for the professional market. The Pollux is an extensive module that can perform all kinds of tasks without any problems.

To link
The MaNima Pollux does not function as a stand-alone product but can only be used in combination with a MaNima interface (Magnus and Ignis). The built-in Ethernet switch makes it easy to connect the MaNima Pollux with other MaNima products. Via the ethernet connection you can configure with the MaNima configurator. There are 2 ethernet connectors available on the MaNima Pollux so that the Pollux can also serve as an ethernet switch.

The MaNima Pollux module is used for controlling analog LEDs and for monitoring sensor inputs. It is possible to send this data to other MaNima products so that they can perform actions with it. Monitoring is done by means of sensor inputs such as NTC, LDF, etc. and analog inputs as well as the pwm outputs to which the Pollux can be connected. There are a total of 8 sensor inputs and 2 digital inputs available on this module. Both the inputs and outputs can be monitored in real time.

System security
To increase system security, 2 power sources can be connected to the MaNima Pollux. The Pollux is therefore redundant (2 power supplies) so that the module is fail-safe, which means that the Pollux continues to function when a power source fails. If the Pollux is connected to the internet, it is even possible to get a notification if one of the power sources fails or if some other problem occurs.