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LED semi-finished products

LuxaLight is the ideal partner for LED semi-finished products with a sustainable composition and excellent quality that are completely appropriate for a project or for a product. LuxaLight is a subsidiary (thus part of) Zirqle LED solutions. LuxaLight develops and produces semi-finished products in collaboration with Zirqle for a wide variety of applications. For applications in the automotive sector, industry and machine building, horticulture, medical applications and the entertainment industry, for example.

Luxalight is able to keep the entire process in-house from start to production through the cooperation with Zirqle. Service and warranty on the assembled semi-finished products are also part of the service package. LuxaLight can even provide EMC measurements and ensure that the semi-finished products are provided with certifications.

For more information, visit; https://www.luxalight.eu/en/led-semi-finished-products