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LuxaLight services

You can contact LuxaLight not only for LED products and for custom LED assignments, but also on a project basis. Just like MaNima Technologies, LuxaLight is part of the umbrella organization Zirqle LED solutions. Thanks to the close cooperation between these companies, we can offer a complete service for the professional or business market.

Our services and specializations:

  • Projectmanagement
  • Mechanical drawing
  • Engineering software and hardware
  • Assembly
  • LED casting (moulding)
  • LED semi-finished products
  • Customer specific products
  • OEM equipment
  • Installation, maintenance and services

Branches in which we are active::

  • Horticulture
  • Automotive sector
  • Medical sector
  • Industry and machine building

  • Recreation and entertainment industry
  • Construction industry
  • Architecture
  • Infrastructure and signaling 

For more information please contact us.