Product description

LuxaLight Long Life LED strip RGB + Warm White protected TM1814 24 volt is distinguished by the A-quality 5050 LED-chip that provides an extra high light output. This TM1814 LED strip can be controlled per segment of 83MM. These digital LED strips are characterized by high durability and a very long lifespan, even under tougher conditions. Due to the many versatile applications, they can be widely used as decorative lighting.

The strips are neatly finished and provided with a white PCB coating. They are widely applicable for interior construction for both atmosphere and decorative lighting. For home, office or workplace, but also for caravans and on board ships, yachts and trucks. Due to the high efficiency of these LEDs, our LED strip is extra energy efficient.

This does not require a complex wiring plan, these LEDs are controlled serially by a specially developed microcontroller.
The case is controlled with only three wires: Ground, + 24V and a serial data signal. This digital LED strip is ideally controlled by MaNima interfaces.

On the LED strip itself, this serial information is forwarded between the LEDs from the serial output of one LED to the serial input of the next LED.
In this way, it is possible to match the colors at the beginning and end for each length of LED strip, or even make a display that can display (moving) images.

Both the RGB LED chips and the microcontroller are integrated in the SMD 5050 housing, and together form a full digitally controllable full-color pixel. The LED has a built-in signal conditioning circuit to transmit the digital signal without distortion to the next LED input.

Built-in reset circuit and power failure reset circuit.

Luxalight measuring results

We perform measurements on our products, below are the results:

Technical specifications

RGBW color temperature warm white
3000~3500 K
Number of channels
≥ 80
Luminous Flux
1395 lm
RGB Luminous flux red
240 lm
RGB Luminous flux green
348 lm
RGB Luminous flux blue
222 lm
RGBW Luminous flux warm white
585 lm
RGB Wave length Red
620~630 nm
RGB Wave length Green
510~525 nm
RGB Wave length Blue
455~470 nm
Beam angle
120 °
LEDs / meter
LEDs per pixel
LED type
Working voltage
Power consumption / meter
0.80 A / meter
Power per meter
19.20 W / meter
Length per reel
Length per segment
83.33 mm
LED strip width
10.00 mm
LED strip thickness
4.00 mm
Operating temperature
-25 ~ +70 °
IP class
IP 64
Mantle material
Thermal conductive tape (3M)
2 years
RoHS 2002/95/EC Compliant
CE Marking
50000 hours
LB waarde

LuxaLight Long Life LED-strip TM1814 Digital RGBW High Power Protected (24 Volt, 60 LEDs, 5050, IP64)

€ 30,90
per meter
excluding VAT
Length per reel: 10 m
Length per segment: 0.08333 m
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Pro's and Cons

Embedded TM1814 IC
Speed up to 800 kbps
Due to current control, little trouble from voltage drop
Must be passively cooled