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Temperature monitoring of LEDs

The lifetime of LEDs is significantly reduced when the operating temperature rises above the maximum operating temperature. High-quality aluminum profiles are used to cool an LED. But in some circumstances, such as hot weather or high power, this is not enough to cool an LED. Temperature monitoring is used to keep a LED fixture at a stable and safe operating temperature.

LED monitoring

The monitoring of an LED fixture is performed by a MaNima Pollux. The MaNima Pollux makes it possible to use an NTC sensor to measure temperature in real time. Based on pre-set configurations, a MaNima Pollux can automatically dim LEDs at the PWM outputs. It is also possible to dim other MaNima Magnussen or Ignissen in the same LAN network with one MaNima Pollux.

Each MaNima Pollux has 8 analog inputs used for NTC or LDR sensors.

Because every situation is different, an operator can adjust the dimming curve himself using the MaNima Configurator based on this graph:

Temperature Graph

The same parameters are reflected in the MaNima Configurator.




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