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Prototyping and sampling

The purpose of a prototype or sample is to quickly and easily test ideas and designs of the concept. With a sample or prototype, a solution quickly becomes visual, concrete and tangible.

Strong communication tool
Everyone involved in a project benefits from the communication power of a prototype/ sample. For example, a prototype/ sample encourages feedback, additional or new ideas and better decision-making. It protects against errors that could otherwise only emerge later in the process. In this way, development costs can be reduced and fewer adjustments in the development process will be required.

So it can be very useful to develop a prototype. We at Luxalight offer the possibility to deliver prototypes of, for example, customer-specific products and LED semi-finished products.

Samples of various products, such as LED strips, aluminum LED profiles and cast LED lines can also be submitted. The cast-in LED lines can each be provided with a different finishing, degree of diffusion.

Software prototyping
Prototyping is very common in interface and application design. It is a representative software model with limited functionality or simulation of a new digital product. Usually, a number of aspects of an application or interface are simulated in order to demonstrate the operation of the intended application/ interface in this way. Prototyping is thus used to test operation, shape and user experience, receive feedback from the user on the design, and prevent errors before the software is implemented. In addition, it also helps to understand the requirements that are user-specific and thus increase the usability of the software. Testing new software is therefore extremely important, otherwise there is the risk that after delivery all kinds of things will surface that had not yet been thought of.