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Manima Technologies

MaNima Technologies is the youngest sprout among the companies belonging to the umbrella organization Zirlqle LED solutions. Because Zirqle has expertise in various fields of LED technology, innovative LED solutions and custom options (embedded soft- and hardware) can easily be provided. MaNima Technologies is specialized in developing professional and innovative LED interfaces. MaNima develops LED interfaces not only suitable for products, but also on a project basis. All LED interfaces are designed in such a way that they fully meet the requirements and the demand of the assignment.

For example, MaNima Technologies develops LED interfaces that are suitable for:

  • Complex controls with PLC
  • Various industries such as mechanical engineering
  • Convert protocol to customer's signature protocol

For large projects and installations, the MaNima controllers can be connected to each other so that the presets can be played synchronously on all connected digital LEDs.

For more information contact us (info@manimatechnologies.com or call 040 202 49 04)