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LED-strip mounted under overhang or roof

You see more and more often that LED-strips are used under an overhang or roof gutter to illuminate the facade of a house, business building or shop. By means of a LED-strip profile you can maneuver away it neatly under the overhang or a gutter. Because a LED-strip has an opening angle of 120 degrees, it is advisable to use a LED-strip profile lens cover to bundle the light to 30 degrees. To get a nice grazing light along the façade in this way. It often involves long lengths at an overhang or roof gutter, which can cause a voltage drop, therefore we recommend contacting us. We can make a wiring/ power supply plan and of course advise on the right LED-strip and associated LED-strip profile.

Learn more about our LED strip profiles and LED strip profile lens hijacking can be found at the link below :


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