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LED Neon Flex Strips

LED Neon Flex strips

LED Neon Flex lighting does not, like traditional neon lighting, consist of glass, but of a flexible silicone profile containing a LED strip. The LED Neon Flex can be bent in any horizontal direction. One can bend the Neon LED strips into the desired shape. As a result, it is no longer necessary to purchase a produced neon figure in advance.

LED Neon Flex always provides a uniform LED line lighting, which means that the LED line is completely diffuse and no hotspots are visible. LED Neon Flex is of an IP67 class (waterproof) and is therefore very well suited as outdoor lighting. High insulation for UV resistance and protection against temperature fluctuations are also among the features of the LED Neon Flex.

The LED neon flex is available in several types, a top view and flat view version. The Neon Flex flat view has a flat top and an opening angle of 120 degrees. The top view has a round top and a 180 degree opening angle.

With the LED neon flex it is easy to create decorative elements or an attractive environment. Straight neon LED strips have flat, clean lines and fit in design in, for example, a business environment or modern living room. The round neon LED strips are more rounded and therefore more playful. They give the classic neon effect even more. In addition, the neon light has a radiant appearance with convex neon LED strips. If you want to illuminate a more retro or vintage space or imitate classic neon, the round neon LED strips are more suitable.

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