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LED lines for social distancing

LED lines are used in public places where social distancing is important to create a safe environment.

LED lighting for 1.5 meter solutions
Estimating 1.5 m turns out to be quite a difficult task in practice. This problem often occurs in places where people come together such as shops, schools, restaurants, saunas and libraries. LED lines are placed there so that they point out the distance to people. LED lines are not only used in social distancing to draw attention to the 1.5 meters distance, but also to indicate walking routes and the availability of public space.

LED light for pedestrian routes in public areas
In public places where people move from one space to another, there is a chance that people cross each other and therefore cannot maintain a safe distance. Dentists, physiotherapists and GP practices, but also hospitals have to deal with this. LED light lines can provide a solution, for example, by indicating the walking direction. LED lines for indicating social distancing are placed as skirting board lighting, light lines on the wall or ceiling, in door frames and as LED linear lighting in floor surfaces. The walking route can be indicated with a green/ red LED light. Green is the route to be followed. Red indicates that you have to wait because the route is not available. The LED lines can be operated via a switch or signal.

LED for availability of spaces
In rooms with stairs, narrow corridors and rooms with small dimensions, it is a challenge to implement the 1.5 meter rule. Canteens in company buildings, small meeting rooms, toilets in, for example, schools, catering establishments and petrol stations are often areas where it can be very difficult to achieve social distancing. LED lines and LED strips in green/ red can indicate which rooms are occupied by means of a sensor.

What can we do?
We are good at offering and realizing cusomized LED solutions. Thanks to our expertise in software and hardware engineering, we can customize LED products for social distancing or develop them entirely according to customer-specific requirements. In places where watertightness and/ or the mechanical load capacity of the LED applications plays an important role, we can provide the LED application with a special casting resin (LED moulding). Project management is also part of our business activities.