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Full integration of (digital) LED lines in floor surfaces

Today, LED lines are increasingly used in all types of floor surfaces. Often the LED lines are incorporated in the floor itself or in the edges of the floor. LED linear lighting in floors can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

For example, think of:

  • LED lines in marble floors, as accent lighting or
  • LED lines in decorative paving and / or regular paving, such as driveways and path lighting
  • LED lighting in cast floors in factory or commercial buildings, hospitals or homes.
  • LED linear lighting in tile floors in luxury housing, swimming pools or wellness centers, etc.
  • LED in interactive floors

Custom made stainless steel construction
We can produce heavy custom made stainless steel constructions for heavy duty LED applications, so that heavy mechanical stress can take place. The heavy weight of the stainless steel construction also contributes to a good anchoring of the LED profile in the floor surface. Resistance to heavy mechanical stress is necessary, for example, in factory halls, in public spaces with intensive use and in pavements, etc. In pavements it is important that cars can drive over them without affecting the lifespan and safety. 

Integration in floor space
There are several options for integrating the LED line into the floor. Every floor type and every LED application naturally requires a suitable finish.
One of the great advantages of LED linear lighting integrated into a floor is that it can be leveled with the floor, making the floor surface completely even. This is usually done on site by sanding or polishing.

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