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Digital LED emergency and evacutation lighting

LED emergency and/ or evacuation lighting is essential for a safe environment and necessary in situations with calamities.

Innovative digital LED escape route lighting
The basis of LED emergency / evacuation lighting lies in indicating escape routes during emergencies and calamities so that people can leave the building or the surrounding area quickly and safely. Digital LEDs have been used to indicate the escape routes. The LED lines can be programmed in such a way that they can indicate the direction in which one should move by running the lighting. This form of LED escape route lighting is quite unique and innovative to date. The entire installation of LED emergency lighting is linked to the building management system.

Evacuation lighting with digital LEDs
A major advantage of the use of digital LEDs as evacuation lighting and the link with the building management system is that the installation can be adapted to the calamities and the situation at the moment of need. The walking route to be taken can be indicated by using digital LEDs. Other escape routes that are less safe can be excluded, so that people no longer have to decide for themselves which escape route to take in the event of an emergency.

Floor surfaces
This type of digital emergency lighting can be fully integrated into paving, floor surfaces and walls. However, most LED emergency evacuation lighting is located at floor level.