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Black LED-strip profiles aluminum surface mounted

Surface-mounted black profiles are intended for surface-mounted applications where the background is black, such as black ceilings. During the day, the profile is virtually invisible on a black background.

Black lens hood
These profiles also include black lens hoods. The black lens caps ensure that the individual LEDs are not visible (LED dot free) and give a nice uniform diffused light.

Black LED-strip profile aluminum surface 17.5mm x 19mm
This profile can be fitted with reflectors, so that the light output can be increased up to 20%.

LED-strip profile aluminum surface 17.5mm x 7mm black
LED-strip surface-mounted profile low is suitable for many surface-mounted applications and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Assembly is easy by means of steel mounting clips.

Fire safety
The accompanying lens hood is made of polycarbonate, which is approved for fire safety for use in public areas. The fire safety rating is UL 94 V-2.

Luxalight service
LuxaLight has a sawing service and can shorten LED profiles to any desired size. LuxaLight can also cast the profile with a special casting resin if this application proves to be technically necessary.

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