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Adjustable PWM frequency for visual/audio recordings

When recording an image or audio while LEDs are visible, there is a chance that they may interfere with the image or audio. When recording an image, this interference is visible through the fast-moving black bars across the screen. With audio recordings, a noise can be heard in the recording. This problem is caused by a PWM frequency that is too low in relation to the recording quality.

Visual recording

A visual recording can be quickly disturbed when the PWM frequency is too low in relation to the recording quality (eg FPS and resolution). To ensure that a high-quality recording runs without interference, there is a PWM frequency of >20kHz.

Audio recording

A low PWM frequency from an LED can be heard as a noise in sensitive audio recordings. The higher the PWM frequency, the less the noise can be heard.

Interference on sensitive equipment

Just as a PWM that is too low can interfere with audio recordings, it is also possible that a PWM frequency that is too low can interfere with interference-prone equipment. The specific PWM frequency that is then required depends on the equipment present.


When a PWM frequency is used, a Radio Frequency is created that can interfere with AM and FM radios. It is also possible that interferences occur on Wi-Fi connections.


The MaNima Pollux is a High-End PWM driver with an adjustable PWM frequency. The PWM frequency can be adjusted to specific situations by means of the MaNima Configurator, so that the MaNima Pollux can be used without interference. The maximum PWM frequency is 30kHz.


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