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Assembly and OEM equipment

For LED solutions that require more than a standard assembly, that need an innovative or creative solution, LuxaLight supplies parts into LED semi-finished products or LED end products. And we believe that custom-made LED products and/ or semi-finished products require custom service. We think along from the design to the final product. That's how we get to the most functional assembly solutions, that best fit the customer-specific requirements of the product or semi-finished product.

In our assembly department, LED products/ semi-finished products are produced for various sectors: 

  • Industry and machine construction
  • Construction industry
  • Architecture
  • Automotive sector
  • Horticulture
  • Recreation and entertainment industry
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure and signaling

After assembly, both an optical check and a test are always performed. This ensures that we can offer a high quality standard for every serie. We can only supply small to medium production runs. From a few unique copies to a small batch.

OEM equipment
If desired, custom products and/ or semi-finished products can be supplied by us completely unbranded or as OEM parts. Collaboration with MaNima Technologies makes it possible to also supply software modules in an OEM version. The OEM software is fully customizable. We always take the requirements and wishes into account when developing and producing the OEM products. All our OEM products are provided with the correct specifications so that they can be easily integrated into your product line or business system.