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Traditional neon lights replaced with LED lighting

Piessens Electric Industry a wholesaler of technical components for the industry. Known in the neighbourhoods for years. The façade of the company building, with red neon lighting, evokes a familiar feeling.

These neon lights needed replacing. Piessens Elektro wanted a sustainable and energy efficient solution.The choice was made quickly; red neon lights replaced with LED lighting! Simply put, the challenge was the long length of the façade. With long lengths, there is a loss of tension due to the resistance of the material. As a result, a difference in the light intensity can occur over the entire length of the strip.

As a solution Luxalight developed a 30 volt LED strip with a very low voltage drop and a tailor-made wiring and power supply plan. The LED-strips are mounted on the façade with LED strip profiles. Because the LED-strip profiles are used outdoors, the LED-strip profiles are provided with a polycarbonate lens cover that is UV resistant. Luxalight has been able to realize tailor-made LED solutions through thorough professional knowledge and creativity. Challenge succeeded!

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