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MaNima Digital LED interfaces

MaNima dual core digital LED interfaces are specially designed by MaNima Technologies to meet the demands of the market. These innovative LED interfaces are compiled according to demand and requirements. All dual core LED interfaces have the MaNima "LIVE" functions. But these controllers also have other highly efficient functions such as recording, playlists, activation functions, a scene generator, etc.

The controllers are available as a live or extended version. The extended version is the perfect solid state stand-alone controller and mainly translates Art-net and DMX signals into SPI protocols. This MaNima interface controller also has the ability to record these signals on a micro-SD card (WYSIWYG) and a recording and playback option. This makes it possible to record animations or images and play them later.

All LED interface controllers have excellent benefits;

Analog inputs for IO commands

Suitable for complex controls with PLC

Surge protection and polarity protection

Easy to configure with MaNima configurator (user interface)

Various ports to control individual LEDs (real-time)

Possibility of cascade switching of the controllers

For large projects and installations, the MaNima controllers can be connected to each other so that the presets can be played synchronously on all connected digital LEDs.

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Below a few controllers developed by MaNima Technologies.