6-36v RGBW digital LED-line

The 6-36V is a unique LED strip that makes it possible to control long lengths of LED strip. Conventional LED strips of 5V, 12V or 24V often suffer from voltage drops at longer lengths. This LED strip makes it possible to design large LED installations without additional voltage connections due to the wide voltage range.

This is because the PCB is equipped with a voltage regulator per segment. This voltage regulator regulates the voltage (between 6v and 36v) to a lower voltage for the LED chip. Therefore, there is no visible effect of voltage drop.

In large installations this is a great advantage as it leads to a simpler wiring plan. For long LED lines, it is not necessary to connect voltage connections at multiple points along the LED line. 

The LEDs are pixel controlled and equipped with an RGBW SK6812 LED chip.


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